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Pipe Stress Analysis

Course in advance Pipe Stress Analysis

Course Applicability - The course is applicable for Engineers, Designers & Managers who aspire to become either Pipe Stress Engineer or Pipe Support Engineer or a Project Management Personnel who is responsible for overall project execution.

How the Course will help you?

The course will sharpen the skill set of attendees in the following manner,

  • The Course will sharpen the skills of Pipe Support Designers, which will reduce the overall interdisciplinary check time between Pipe Stress, Supports & Civil group.
  • The Successful attendee can kick start their career as Pipe Stress Engineer.
  • Can work as a Project manager for Pipe Stress Projects, the course will imbibe qualities to identify the key information which is crucial in execution of Stress Analysis Project.

Eligibility for Course – Eligibility for attending course is for…

  • Experienced Degree / Diploma Engineers desirous to switch over their discipline or industries,
  • Piping Engineers & Designers with preliminary experience in Layout & Materials,
  • Team Leaders & Managers associated with Piping Discipline.

Course Duration: – Total 50 Hours of training

Course Content: – The Course is split in two Levels.

1. Intermediate Level of Pipe Stress Analysis: –

  • Refreshing fundamentals of Stress Analysis
  • Role of Pipe Stress Engineer
  • Introduction to CODES for Stress Analysis
  • Different types of Stress Analysis Projects
  • Inputs required for project start up
  • Stress Discipline interface with Piping Layouts & Civil Team.
  • Pipe Stress project Deliverables.
  • Types & selection of Supports
  • Design of Spring Supports

2. Advanced Level of Pipe Stress Analysis: –

  • Different types of Load Cases
  • Static & Dynamic Stress Analysis
  • Stress Analysis of PSV system considerations.
  • Stress Analysis of Pipe Rack considerations
  • Rupture Disk Calculation
  • Flange Leakage Calculation
  • Underground Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Pilot Project using Analysis Software