Corporate Training

Offshore Oil & Gas Projects

Refreshing Basics of Oil & Gas Industry, which are discussed in Elementary Level

Training program as described below.

1.  Introduction to brown Field offshore projects & challenges involved.

  • Inputs for brown field projects
  • Space constrain and solutions to same.
  • Laser Scanning
  • Tie-In Point schedule
  • Hook-Up Pipe spools

2.  Introduction to various areas on top side of platform,

3.  Working on green field offshore project,

4.  Important considerations while developing the platform layout,

5.  Important information to be requested from offshore survey team,

6.  Important Considerations for Gate Review (30%, 60% & 90% model review)

7.  Running the model review sessions & documentation of the same,

8.  Vent & Drain Systems on Well Head Platform,

9.  Fire Fighting Systems on Platforms,

10.  Material handling study on Platforms,

11.  Pig Launcher / Receiver Systems,